Website ‘issues’

DCF 1.0

Yes, we have a few ‘issues’. One being most photos and videos having disappeared when we were attacked by hackers a few years ago. I then had to re-start the entire site, in another place, with another ‘theme’….. after which we all headed in different directions and time got the…

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‘New’ WhyFly 3.0

Piet Flights (23)

The  AGAIN “New Improved” Why Fly Actually, this is a copy of Glenn’s ‘New Why Fly Version 2.0′ message. Just to show you that we are STILL at it in some way or other, the website is STILL ‘in the air’ and we are still planning to continue bringing you…

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On Richard’s Crash…

Me & Richard on the set of "Nothing By Chance" in 1973

We’ve been trying to find a moment in time to get this badly-neglected web site up and running again (and many thanks to Francois Dumas for keeping it alive), but with so many projects on the go, achieving that has been near-impossible. However, recent events demand that we get WhyFly…

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Changes again


HAH! You were expecting us to give up, weren’t you!? Well, SORRY……. we won’t. So we’re now working at setting up WhyFly differently once again……. and hopefully more active and more interesting too. That’s the goal! What we’re also doing is integrating a little shop. We are running on fumes…

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Scott Burris

On a cool, spring day, my four legged companion, Lola and I walked along the north shore of the Fraser River together, not too far from where it empties into the sound.  I had been here a dozen times before but this is the first time I brought her along. …

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