About Glenn Norman, Co-Founder, President and Editor

Glenn Norman was born in England just after WW2. As a child, his heroes were “The Few” who had saved his Island home, and his first memory is of being lowered into a Spitfire at Biggin Hill. Glenn’s been flying since the age of 18 and credits his friend, author Richard Bach, with inspiring him to be a Writer, and his childhood-sweetheart, actor Michelle Goodeve, with turning him into a Screenwriter.

Glenn Norman

Glenn, Goodeve & Bach created Air Dashes for antique aircraft across North America in the early 70’s, after which Glenn turned to Aviation Writing. Michelle’s acting career drew him into Screenwriting and he penned numerous TV shows (many with Aviation Themes) before he and Michelle accepted offers to Story Edit as a team on several hit TV shows.

Over the years, Glenn has flown more than 140 aircraft (representing roughly 70 types), most of which were antique, classic or homebuilt aircraft. He has carried approximately 1,200 passengers as a Barnstormer (and appeared – as himself – in Richard Bach’s cult-classic film, “Nothing By Chance”). He has survived an amazing 21 engine failures, and two spectacular crashes (including a 600 foot plunge in a foot-launched, Easy Riser Ultralight!)

In 2008, Norman & Goodeve decided to begin producing their own videos. But on January 15th, 2009, Glenn woke at 3 a.m. with the sudden, clear thought, “Why aren’t we combining all our skills to make an Online Aviation Journal?”

After running the idea by Michelle, Hal Bryan & Mike Singer, the four friends decided to proceed with the concept.

Why Fly is the result.

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