From the Editor’s Desk

‘Acting as Glenn’ I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the new content we’ve posted over the past weeks, even though it is summer time and some of us are traveling or busy in other ways. But first of all let us thank you for coming back…

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Dirty Hands and Broken Backs

It started with a puff of smoke.  The port engine was failing.  The pilot noticed its oil pressure dropping, temperature rising and rpm fluctuating.   The engine was in danger of destroying itself and taking the aircraft down with it; the plane rolled violently to the left. It was a textbook…

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From The Editor’s Desk

As some of you will have noticed, there appears to have been a dearth of new material during the past week.

Sincere apologies. Our I.T. Director (C.O.O. & Co-Pilot) François Dumas is on vacation in Italy, and the briefings he gave before departing don’t appear to have sunk in.

I can say this with some confidence after spending 3 hours trying to post my latest “Fearless” column and about the same time attempting to update the “Update!” box on the right.


a) François got in touch from Italy and straightened out my column. (Click on the “Columns” tab above, then slide right from “Fearless” to “Virtually Flying” {a tribute to our Flight Sim Members}.)

b) François should be back at his summer home in France Sunday evening, so we should be “returning to normal” in the early part of next week.

Meanwhile, as I have learned how to “Post,” I’ll take this opportunity to let you know what’s been recently updated, what’s about to be posted, and what’s “Coming Soon.”

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Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear (Episode 16) “The Winter Wonderland Flying Circus”

In Episode #16: Originally planned as “Enter Richard Bach,” Glenn changed the title to “The Winter Wonderland Flying Circus” for reasons which will soon become obvious. The original title will now apply to a later Episode, when Richard really did enter Glenn & Michelle’s lives in a most unusual way. But right now – let’s go Barnstorming … in the Canadian winter!

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When I was a kid, back when my dearest wish was to be tall enough to reach the rudder pedals, I hung around the old Navy hangar at Ottumwa, Iowa. Yep, the Navy had a facility deep in the waves of corn once upon the time of the Greatest Generation.

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The Goodwood Revival

Didier Keller and François Dumas visit the Goodwood Estate and its ‘Revival’ in England almost every year. Many great events are organized there and although the main focus is on classic racing cars, there always is great air display too. In 2009 Didier attended with his Chinese Nanchang fighter trainer and wrote this report about it.

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Why Fly’s, Michelle Goodeve, turns her camera onto the object of her affection – the sky itself – in her latest Photo Essay, simply titled: “Sky”
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5339 (Part One)

The thin white ridge of tissue stood in relief against the mass of wrinkles wrapped around his knuckles like a parchment map of the Old World. Grant sat quietly in the wicker rocker on his porch and stared at it. “Now HOW did I get that?” he whispered to himself.…

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