Why DO I Fly

When we Launched Why Fly, I wrote an article titled, “Under the ‘B’.” And while that piece certainly tells the tale of how I learned to fly, I still don’t feel it truly answers the question, “Why?” And if I can’t elucidate that answer myself, how can I possibly ask…

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WELCOME, to the “New, Improved, Free Why Fly.”

For first-time visitors unfamiliar with our site – Why Fly is a unique, multi-media, Aviation Journal, which takes an unashamedly romantic look at the world of Aviation and celebrates the passion for flight.

Thanks to transition-assistance from our new partner & sponsor – Francois Dumas’ Silver Cloud Publishing – effective immediately, www.whyfly.aero is switching from paid membership to all free content.

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Important Letter from the Editor

Right from the start, we knew what we wanted Why Fly to be – an unashamedly romantic take on the world of Aviation.
We believe that an examination of the content Why Fly has posted to date shows we have made a good start re all of the above.
And we have many more exciting plans in the offing.

But … there was one question we couldn’t answer until Why Fly went live.

Is it possible to support a venture like Why Fly by membership alone? Or would we have to follow the example of others on the Internet and fund our Journal by more standard methods (advertising, third party sales, etc.)?

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You might think that finding an airplane of your own to buy is a logical matter of prioritizing needs and wants, then looking through online listings. But in Glenn Norman’s experience, seller and buyer are often brought together in a decidedly more mystical manner.

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Why Buy?

Are you planning on buying your own airplane soon? If not … why not? No matter what your particular excuse, you may just begin to think about aircraft ownership a little differently after reading this motivating piece by Glenn Norman. It’s not as hard as you think, he explains. And owning your own airplane will transform your flying experiences forever!

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Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear (Episode 5): Solo Cross Country – With a Twist

A pilot’s first solo cross-country flight is usually rather exhilarating in and of itself. With the instructor on the ground, it’s the first opportunity to actually go somewhere … alone. In this episode of “Those Thrilling Years,” our hero confidently departs Buttonville for Peterborough, as enthusiastic and proud of his new skills as any student pilot ever was. What he encounters 30 minutes into the flight though, would make even a seasoned aviator sweat!

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Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear (Episode 3): To Fly Like a Bird

The problem with turning big dreams into reality is that reality is never quite like what we imagine it will be. In the case of a wannabe pilot’s first flight, the experience can be wonderful … or terrifying . If you’ve ever taken a bold leap only to find yourself asking, “What the hell was I thinking?” you’ll identify with Glenn Norman as he recounts his first—humbling—flying lesson.

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The Incredible Flying Milk Stool

When Glenn Norman bought a steal of a 1955 Piper Tri-Pacer in 1994, he intended to fix it up to resell at a profit. It took a few years for this pilot with an “extreme tailwheel bias” to admit he actually liked flying “the best-kept secret in aviation.” His epiphany came during an uncharacteristically utilitarian trip from point A to point B, in which he learned that while a Tri-Pacer is no jet … speed is relative.

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