Pilot Down

Paul V. Tomascik is one of our new contributors and debuts with a wonderful fiction story; Pilot Down.

Twenty minutes into the flight and all was green. The needles were sitting comfortably in their right-of-centre positions indicating good oil pressure and temperature. Michael’s scanning habit was spontaneous, characteristic of all seasoned bush pilots. When airborne, he would repeatedly check his cockpit environment as he did his flight path.

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Glenn Matthews Goes Wing Walking!

Accompanying Chapter 5 of his life story, Glenn Matthews found this old bit of film footage of the Wing Walk he did. It is shot with an old 8mm camera, so the quality is not ‘digital’. Nonetheless we wanted to share it with you! Enjoy!

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The Life & Times of Glenn Matthews (4)

In 1961, shortly after arriving out west, I nailed a job with Hacker Press at Abbotsford as Art Director and almost immediately a number of aviation related things happened. I joined the Abbotsford Flying Club just as a decision was being made to hold an airshow and I found myself helping to organize the first event in 1962.

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Why DO I Fly

When we Launched Why Fly, I wrote an article titled, “Under the ‘B’.” And while that piece certainly tells the tale of how I learned to fly, I still don’t feel it truly answers the question, “Why?” And if I can’t elucidate that answer myself, how can I possibly ask…

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The Life & Times of Glenn Matthews (2)

Chapter two

My memories of wartime England consist of damp weather and cold Nissen huts, chipping the ice from the water troughs in order to shave and endless hours of training flights in bloody awful flying conditions. Then too, the food was no great shakes! If you put in a flight of four hours or more you qualified for one greasy fried egg. Such bounty!

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The Life & Times of Glenn Matthews (1)

Herewith a condensed version of my life story as it relates to “things aeronautical”.

Chapter one

At age 11, while living with my Grandparents, I would drive my grandmother to distraction by leaping up from the dinner table every time I heard an airplane flying over the house. My Father encouraged my enthusiasm by enrolling me in a model airplane club where I was to hone my skills as a model builder and actually win third place in my first flying model contest. Years later I wound up as President of the Vancouver Gas Model Club and won a number of scale contests.

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WELCOME, to the “New, Improved, Free Why Fly.”

For first-time visitors unfamiliar with our site – Why Fly is a unique, multi-media, Aviation Journal, which takes an unashamedly romantic look at the world of Aviation and celebrates the passion for flight.

Thanks to transition-assistance from our new partner & sponsor – Francois Dumas’ Silver Cloud Publishing – effective immediately, www.whyfly.aero is switching from paid membership to all free content.

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Aviation or Flying? Take Your Pick

First published in 1967, this timeless essay by Richard Bach perfectly captures our vision in starting Why Fly. It provides two seemingly disparate answers to our favorite question, then rises to a philosophical crescendo and transcends them both. (re-print for our new readers).

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Important Letter from the Editor

Right from the start, we knew what we wanted Why Fly to be – an unashamedly romantic take on the world of Aviation.
We believe that an examination of the content Why Fly has posted to date shows we have made a good start re all of the above.
And we have many more exciting plans in the offing.

But … there was one question we couldn’t answer until Why Fly went live.

Is it possible to support a venture like Why Fly by membership alone? Or would we have to follow the example of others on the Internet and fund our Journal by more standard methods (advertising, third party sales, etc.)?

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Armchair Pilot?

Since I am now part of the Why Fly Team, I might as well bore you, our readers, with my own little column. And please don’t expect me to turn out literary miracles like Michelle or Glenn. First, English is not my mother tongue. Second, I am not a licensed pilot. Fortunately Glenn IS a licensed pilot and also a licensed Editor. So he’ll cut my blabbering in half and present you with the remainder. Or not, as the case may be.

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