About Mike Singer, Co-Founder

Mike Singer is a writer, marketing consultant, and internet publisher.

In the summer of 1987, while living on Cape Cod with some friends, Mike started taking flying lessons in a Cessna 152. On July 7th, he headed out to the Chatham airport (KCQX) while his friends played baseball in the yard. When he returned a few hours later, they were still playing baseball … but Mike’s life had changed forever. He had soloed an airplane.

Mike Singer

Inspired by his experiences in the air that summer,┬áMike later wrote a college thesis entitled Why Pilots Fly, that explored the psychological, philosophical, and spiritual motivations of pilots. After college Mike headed west, and worked as a sea kayaking guide, a bike messenger, and a dock worker at Kenmore Air Harbor in Seattle. In 1994,┬áhe finally got his private pilot’s license, with 50 hours in the cockpit spread over 7 years … a feat he attributes to a long obsession with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

That obsession eventually led Mike to a job working on the team at Microsoft that made Flight Simulator. In a decade-long career as a writer and technology evangelist, he wrote manuals, help systems, audio scripts, and web sites for multiple versions of Flight Simulator, Combat Flight Simulator, and Train Simulator. He designed missions and product features, and he helped evangelize Flight Simulator as a platform for both entertainment and real-world training.

Along the way Mike earned his instrument rating, and found a strange beauty in it. These days, he spends far more time immersed in the world of virtual aviation than flying for real, focusing mostly on learning and mastering complex aircraft systems and avionics … just for the fun of it.

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